Academy Mortgage Grant-Based Down Payment Assistance Program

Academy Mortgage is offering a new grant-based down payment assistance program that assists with up to 5% of your down payment and closing costs, with NO payback requirement!  The program is similar to the Metro Mortgage Assistance Plus Program through the City of Denver, however the NHF Grant Program is permanent and has less stringent requirements:

  • Unlike other programs; it is not limited to a specific city or county (available State-wide in Colorado).
  • Grants available up to 5% of the loan amount.
  • Income requirements are only based on credit qualifying borrower. Unlike CHFA it is not tied to the entire household income.
  • Any qualifying borrower can participate! Not just first time homebuyers!
  • Borrowers can own other property.
  • No minimum required borrower contribution!
  • In the event the grant covers the borrower’s down payment and closing cost, the borrower can receive their earnest money back at closing.
  • Very competitive rate!
  • The grant does not need to be paid back!

  If you are considering homeownership in the near future, you should take advantage of this great program.  Contact me to get pre-qualified! 


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