The Denver Bungalow

Denver Bungalow

This residential architectural style became common in the early 20th century during America’s Arts and Crafts movement.  This movement, being in the Industrial Revolution era, called for a more simple home style.  The bungalow is seen in many of Denver’s popular older urban neighborhoods…..Wash Park, City Park, Highlands, Sloan’s Lake, Baker, and more.

Bungalows typically have a one-story rectangular floor plan for a very efficient use of space.  Most bungalow homes I’ve been in enter into the living room (no grand foyer here), which opens into the dining room via a wood-trimmed arched or cased opening, which then leads into the kitchen in the rear corner of the house.  The other side of the rectangular floor plan will typically include the bedrooms with a bathroom and perhaps a small closet in between.  Lots of wood moldings, trim, and built-ins are commonly found in bungalows.

On the exterior, you’ll find low pitched gables, exposed rafters, tapered columns, large covered front porches, and lots of brick and shingles.

There are many modern day variations on the bungalow style house, but nothing compares with the  quaint charm and simpleness of the original bungalow.

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